About Me



I am the documentation lead for the ToriOS operating system.  This is designed for older systems as it supports non PAE hardware.   ToriOS is a GNU / Linux based and is built on Ubuntu 12.04.

For the documentation I am using the LaTeX typesetting system as it just works.

I also run the Torbay Raspberry Pi jams, along with other members of the Devon and Cornwall GNU / Linux user group.

I work as a play worker in an after school club but would like to work as a teaching assistant or similar and support the new computer science curriculum, as

I also have some coding skills in python and scratch.  I have my own github repository with projects,  which may be good to use in schools to see what can be developed with some of my mini projects.

I use GNU / Linux at home and have done for several years.

I am committed to safeguarding children, young people and 
vulnerable groups and expect any school or establishment I am 
involved with to share this commitment.

College Football Pump up 2014


Need I say more, this years college football pump up video.  Look out for the 109 yard return early on and some great interceptions and catches.

This is why I like Football, you don’t get this in Rugby.

If there are issues with the above video please click here.

Free Software – Matt Lee


Free Software (made with free software) – Computerphile


ToriOS gets a mention on Softpedia



The ToriOS operating system has been reviewed on Softpedia.

Totem Video players


Today I was working on getting Gnome Video  player working, so it would play DVD’s.  This is now called Gnome video player.

Information can be found at this site : https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Videos

One of the issues with free software is that the codecs to play back copyrighted materials are them selvers subject to patents and other IP laws, as a result they are not included by default in free operating systems such as GNU / Linux and in my case Debian 7.

Some research on the internet on this revealed I needed a specfic library for dvd playback


file: libdvdcss2_1.2.13-0_i386.deb.  Users may need something called libdvdread too libdvdread4 – library for reading DVD – this is available in the normal repositories I think.

Download the deb file and install in the usual way with

sudo dpkg -i <package name>


Noobs 1.3.10 and Scratch


Yesterday I downloaded the new NOOBS image from the pi website to run on my B+,  and trying to run either scratchGPIO5 or scratchGPIO5Plus failed

Further investigation in to where the desktop links pointed too (edit icon link using leafpad) revealed they point to their respective shell scripts in ./home/pi/scratchgpio5/

Looking at these shell scripts revealed they are empty.

I fired up my Model B and noticed the same files had content, so from this it seemed obvious there was an issue somewhere.

I decided to copy the 3 files from my Model B to my main computer




Then back to my B+ to see if this fixed the issue.

I was still having the same issue, so I then ran the scratchgpio5.sh file from the terminal window and this suggested that it could not read rsc.sb which is meant to be in /home/pi/Documents/Scratch\ Projects.

looking in here revealed this was missing.

Rather than shutting down, swapping cables around,  and booting up the Model B again I decided to take the microsd card out of the Model B,  insert this in to a converter then in to the sd card slot on my main computer,  copy the file over then copy this file over to the model b+ via scp

as it is stored in \home\pi\Documents\Scratch Projects,  I just copied (scp) it over and put it in to \home\pi\Documents\ then on the B+ just moved it manually,

Ran in a terminal again and it came up with the message Remote sensor connections enabled which is right.

I then tried to run from the desktop, and it still failed, so right clicked on the icon, opened in leafpad, and changed the Exec line to explicitly point to the script


did the same for both and it seems to work fine.


Ford Model T Hot rod


This is an exhibit at the Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset.


A Ford Model T Hot rod.



This is an exhibit at the Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset.


1981 Delorean:

0AD – Soundtrack


0AD – v17 : Testing 2


0AD Testing going well,  made a few notes as to issues I need to raise on the forums.


Opening Screen

Game play

Linux voice : Issue 10


Issue 10 of Linux voice is out now price £5.99 with a free dvd of Ubuntu 14.10, with Lubuntu and Xubuntu,  Grub 2 tutorial,  more fractals with python, (this month Julia set fractals),  Patents,  and a review of the Raspberry Pi A+.