About Me


I am the documentation lead for the ToriOS operating system.  This is designed for older systems as it supports non PAE hardware.   ToriOS is a GNU / Linux based and is built on Ubuntu 12.04.

For the documentation I am using the LaTeX typesetting system as it just works.

I also run the Torbay Raspberry Pi jams, along with other members of the Devon and Cornwall GNU / Linux user group.

I work as a play worker in an after school club but would like to work as a teaching assistant or similar and support the new computer science curriculum, as

I also have some coding skills in python and scratch.  I have my own github repository with projects,  which may be good to use in schools to see what can be developed with some of my mini projects.

I use GNU / Linux at home and have done for several years.

I am committed to safeguarding children, young people and 
vulnerable groups and expect any school or establishment I am 
involved with to share this commitment.

Linux Voice issue 9

Issue 9 of Linux voice is now out,  lots of cool stuff Best apps review, shellshock info, LaTeX introduction,  games, tutorials etc, 115 pages of learning all for £5.99




Went to see the Mazerunner yesterday


Good film and different which is good.   Looks like it is part of a trilogy of films.  Details on Wikipedia.

Raspberry Pi Power supply

I made this blog post to help a local school identify if they have a powerful enough power supply for their pi.  However as  I have had similar problems with crashing , it may be useful to others.

In my case I was having issues with Minecraft on a model B+, It kept crashing or hanging.  It was suggested by Gordon Henderson I checked the power supply output.

Turns out that both the Current (Amps) and Voltage out put were lower than recommended.   All power supplies have a label that gives information on Input and output levels.




In this case the output voltage is 4.7 v with an output current of 0.55A  which is below what is recommended.

I tried a different power supply with better output.


In this case the output is 5v and 0.7A (700mA) which is closer to the lower recommendation level.

The notes I received with my newer Raspberry Pi (B+) suggested

Model B =5v at 700mA- 1200mA (1.2 Amps)

Model b+ 500mA to 2000m A ( 2 Amps)

I think the model A is OK with 700mA max as it has less components to power (e.g no Ethernet)If you experience problems it is worth looking at the output of the power supply unit you are using.

Ubuntu 15.04 testing

With 14.10 released it will soon be time to start testing 15.04.  Please see http://www.dcglug.org.uk/ubuntu-get-involved/ for info. I will add more details as it becomes available.

Ubuntu 14.10

Ubuntu 14.10 is due for release today. Check out http://www.ubuntu.com for updates, upon release the website should have more information and links to download the latest release.

Don’t forget that 14.04 is Long Term Support (LTS) so you may wish to stick with 14.04 as this will have updates for a few years.

YRS Hyperlocal is here


If you are under 18, and are a self taught programmer then YRS hyperlocal could be ideal for you.


So please sign up and lets see what we can create :)

If you are unsure what this is ALL about please read below which is quoted from the Young Rewired State website

Young Rewired State is the global community of young coders aged 18 and under who solve real world problems using freely available open data.

Since 2009, we’ve met up once a year at our Festival of Code to create websites, apps, hardware hacks and algorithms. Now, we’re upping our game, and making it our mission to continue to find, nurture and support the next generation of tech talent all year round.

YRS Hyperlocal gives our community the tools, resources and confidence to realise the amazing potential locked inside their digital skills. By developing these skills further, and exploring the exciting opportunities available for young entrepreneurs, Hyperlocal will provide real chances for young people to make a difference and maybe even change their future.

Traveling Wilburys – She’s My Baby

She’s My Baby by the Traveling Wilburys


Tom Petty: Lead guitar and vocals
Bob Dylan: Lead guitar and vocals
Jeff Lynne: Lead guitar and vocals
George Harrison: Lead guitar and vocals

ToriOS Manual Update

Today, I took a big step forward in the Development of the manual for the ToriOS operating system.   Last week I added 2 tables of links to resources mentioned in the manual.  Today these tables were replaced with a proper bibliography,  from which resources cited within the manual are listed.  So for example,  early on I cite ToriOS this has the number 1 next to it,  click on this and you are taken to the Bibliography section that has a link to the ToriOS website.

So far I have moved all the items from the tables. I now need to go through and cite the appropriate resources in the text, then delete the tables once this is all done.  As I do this I can add more resources as required.

This is a big step forward.  I also need to move all the graphics to the screen-shots folder and re-references these in the document source so they display (this is very easy using LaTeX.)  This will make the root folder of the manual a little more tidy.

The next stage after that is going to be adding information on the applications that come with ToriOS.

We also want a HTML version of this manual.  If you would like to help with this please get in touch.  http://www.torios.org/


Raspberry Pi jam

Preparations are underway for the November Raspberry Pi jam, which will take place on the 8th November.

Details are on the Raspberry pi jam page of this website.   I have also added a link to eventbrite so people can get tickets to the event,  this will also hopefully help us keep track of who may come.

Hopefully there will be a nice turnout as a quite a bit of work is going in to this preparation.

Hopefully we will also have an update on the Minecraft 8 bit adder,  more sorting demos, and maybe even knights tour.



October Pi jam write up

A write up for the October Raspberry Pi jam in Paignton can be found here.

A big thank you to Tom , Melvyn and the 2 young people who turned up,  hopefully a few more will be back next month.

Looking forward to seeing how the 8 bit adder projects progresses.