About Me



I am looking for some sort of support work in schools, where I can hopefully use the skills and knowledge that I have developed through either being self taught or through courses undertaken with various providers.  Details of which can be found  here.

I am involved with supporting my local Code Club  which develops coding skills in areas such as:-

  • Variables
  • Repetition
  • Selection
  • Sequencing

However from my own input in to this we are also developing skills with:

  • Bug tracking / fixing
  • Testing
    • Making mistakes is fine and that doing so helps the learning process.  Software / hardware projects do not always work as expected first time.  In some cases they:
      • Don’t work at all
      • Produce odd results
      • Produce unexpected results but in doing so produce output that is pretty ‘cool’ even though it was not intended.

Also familiar with Physical Computing and have used Raspberry Pi and Arduino for this.  Currently working on some Scratch 3.0 specific resources.

I would really like to bring these skills and experiences in to schools.

As I have also studied science with the OU then there I could help with Science too.