3d parametric plotter

Not sure if anyone saw this on the raspberry pi site on the 11th March 2013, a small piece of software that can do some pretty cool graphical things using maths.


I have the software compiled and running a first for me for years 🙂

Nice bit of software if you are good at maths that is,  however may be useful to schools as a way to demo concepts using sines, cosines and tangents,  most of you (anyone doing gcse) will know things like this anyway

SOH sine opposite over hypotenuse
CAH cosine adjacent over hypotenuse
TOA tangent opposite over adjacent


The above may be useful if you are playing with the software,   you will need to download and compile it for the Pi or for Linux.

This runs really well on the 256 mb pi.


This may be a useful resouce


It is a resource to help you find a tutor.