555 timer board v2.0

Today I received a packet from Maplins today, as part of this order was a 100k potentiometer (variable resistor).  I have now put this in my 555 timer circuit breadboard, having previously replaced the 100k resistor with a much bigger 100k pot.  so the one I have now is pcb mounted  so ideal for project boards.

I am also using a 10mm LED.  I want to try and create some sort of mini strobe light or just an adjustable flashing led thingy.


Also note, that I have a new (working) PSU module,  the connector on the left is a usb connector (5v) the barrel connector  on the right is connected to a 9v battery snap,  the PSU output can be either 5v or 3.3 volt. (same as the pi gpio voltages  I think) It is set here to 5v.

If any local primary schools want to take me on,  I am available for discussion.  I have more experience working with 4 – 11 year olds.