555 timer

I spent today soldering up a 555 timer circuit on some Adafruit prototyping board, this a big step. I have not done any soldering in ages. I bought a new soldering iron the other day from Maplin.  My battery powered one is fine but can’t hack this plus you need to keep a button pressed to use it.  With a mains soldering iron it is a lot easier.   Battery powered one may be good for doing repairs out doors perhaps.



555 timer circuit all built up,  the red led stopped working so i soldered in a green LED via a resistor.  Works great,  there are also pins for +v and 0v and pins for the out put and ground so that other circuits can be connected to this for example the 4017 counter if need be.



I seem to be a man of many talents,  so how many play workers can write code, solder and build circuits.