5V Power supply unit (PSU)

One of the things about digital circuits is that the chips usually require 5 volts to run,  this is a problem when you have batteries in multiple of 1.5 volts.

The solution here to to either buy a PSU OR construct a simple circuit that provides the required power output.

The 7805 voltage regulator is ideal for this purpose.  I have prototyped a 5v circuit for soldering up once all the other parts have arrived,  mainly the dc jack sockets.

So I am using just 1 component for this.  When soldered up I will use the dc jack socket and the male AND female headers so there are more options to connect / power other circuits.  The prototype works really well.  I will be using the 1/4 size adafruit protoboard for this when the other parts arrive.

1/2 size proto board with dc jack soldered up.