Welcome to my website. Due to some hosting changes,  I am moving this blog to personaljournal..ca. This is using an open source blog publishing platform powered by writefreely.

Writefreely also supports the fediverse decentralized social media networks, without extra plugins,  So another reason for moving.

Writefreely has a easy to use interface, support for markdown and LaTeX formatting syntax. The latter is useful for typing scientific and mathematical notation directly in to blog posts.  It also supports multiple blogs from the same account.  Allows pinning of posts to make pages so quite a good set of features.

I am also attracted by the fact I can easily download ALL my data in format that can be easily read, manipulated and uploaded to a new host.

WriteFreely is free and open source software for starting a minimalist, federated blog — or an entire community.

I was considering just using WordPress.com to host my blog,  However due to the amount of marketing junk I get from WordPress, trying to sell me different services, plugins etc I decided against this.   WordPress does not support the fediverse properly so this is another negative point.


You can visit my new blog at