Adventures with Arduino Part 10

This evening I soldered up the Traffic light project I blogged about in Part 8 of this series,  this was the first of the two projects as in just a red , yellow , green sequence.  There isn’t really room on here to have the 2 x 3mm leds for red / green man.

This project is pretty much good to go,   I have attached wires and put labels on the end to indicate where to connect on the Arduino board.    Which is more for my reference,  as you will need to change the code accordingly

Here I am using pins 4,7 & 8 for LEDs Red. Yellow and Green,  I am also using a wire to connect from the board to ground on the Arduino.   The code is on part 8, but you may have to modify the code.

You can buy the board from Pimoroni   You need to look for Adafruit Perma-prota.

I got the rest of the components from Amazon (resistors 1.49 for 100 270 ohm) and LEDs / pin headers from Banggood.  The male to female jump wire is also available from various sources.

Again I hope this is useful and perhaps one day I can share this with schools.