Adventures with Arduino Part 13

As I now have a 2nd Arduino adding bluetooth to the weather station project is on hold until I get a bluetooth module.

In the meantime I have one of these.

HMC5883L – 3 axis compass module.  More info can be found here.

I have downloaded the files from the above site and put in what should be the right place /sketchbook/libraries.

But upon starting the IDE, I get the following error.

I am not sure what the exact issue is,  as git cloning the respositories gives me a directories with names such as “Adafruit_Sensor”  which is wrong if you read the error so do the file names contain “_”

I have tried to rename the files and the corresponding lines in the source code pointing to those file names but so far not fix anything.

I will have more goes at fixing this and write a new blog post later.


I seem to have resolved the first part of this issue,  as I deleted what I downloaded and re-downloaded everything, renamed as per instructions then copied to the libraries folder.

So the only issue now is the one above,  one suggestion is to run the IDE as root,  before  I do that,  the code now compiles and uploads fine,  I the serial monitor just displays the message :

HMC5883 Magnetometer Test

from lines

void setup(void) 
  Serial.println("HMC5883 Magnetometer Test"); Serial.println("");

In the source code.   So the message displays but the data from the module doesn’t display.  I am guessing this is due to the issue with it not finding the serial port.  other than the USB port.