Adventures with Arduino Part 15


This is a major update of my previous post in this series.  I have now received more components from Banggood,  mainly:

  • Arduino Nano boards
  • Breadboard power supply boards

I have  rebuilt the project using the Arduino Nano.

The benefits to doing this,  is that the project is now much smaller in size.  The wires are also more flush with the board.  Note the 2 grounds are now connected together with a different length of wire. Again this makes the project tidier.

I am also using fresh batteries.  The power supply board on the left has output of either 3 or 5 volts so it is ideal for the Arduino.   This all fits much better in to the Pumpkin case that I have for this project (see previous part of this blog).

Hopefully I can demo this at the Exeter Pi jam at the weekend, (3rd October) and at the Tech Jam on the 10th October.