Adventures with Arduino Part 25

Today I soldered up the LED mood light I build and blogged about in Part 23 of this series.  However I made a few changes to this

Soldered 2 x Tri-Colour LEDs

connected a 15 pin header to the top, as I have done with other projects and a 3 pin header for ground.  I then connected everything up.

I then tested each one

pins 7,8,9 now connect to LED1 and 10,11 & 12 to the second LED.

I did attempt to re-write the code so that it would control both LEDs however this failed.  I then hit upon the idea that if I connect both leds to pins 10,11 & 12 this should work.  Well this did, however I guess an unxpected consequence of this is that the 2 LEDs are slightly out of sync.  Which is actually fine.

Completed project, red and black wire at the back go to the vin and gnd pins from a 9v Battery.

Project board side

Arduino Nano side