Adventures with Arduino Part 28

My next big project is to build a robot using the Arduino Uno R3 board and a robot chassis kit.

The original project is detailed in the Arduino project handbook. I am however making a few modification as I go.

First steps are to put the chassis together.  I have soldered wires on to the motors and threaded these through the chassis.

I have also kept the Acrylic board with the Breadboard on, attached a new Arduino board,  this is currently sitting on top of the chassis until I work out how best to attach it so it is stable but can also be removed and or moved easily.

The next phase will be to attach the motor shield and then wire everything up and then find some code to make it all work.    After that add some sensors so it can work out where it is in relation to the room / environment.

More to follow in later posts.   I will try to get this finished over Christmas.  Depends when the other components arrive.