Adventures with Arduino Part 3

Following on from the previous post.  There are quite a few projects that involve hooking up leds to single board computers,  either CPU Based such as Raspberry Pi.  Beagleboard. or microcontroller baed such as the Arduino.

To this end I am making up a soldered up version of the previous project.   I was going to use a LED bargraph, type unit (block with 10 LEDs.   However it was suggested on IRC I use 3mm LEDs to save space.

As these are available in packs of 500 for <£4 then it makes sense to try this idea out.

First step is to solder on a row of pin headers,  here I have cut to size a row of 15 pin headers and soldered on to the board,  at the bottom I have put 2,  this will allow ground pins to go back to the computer board in this case my Arduino clone board.

Reverse side of the board with the pins soldered in.  All I am doing now is waiting for the other components to arrive.


It would be nice to share these skills with local schools.  Try and inspire the next generation with coding and hardware hacking.   In the meantime I will be at the next Torbaytechjam on the 11th July.  Either with this soldered up or demonstrating the breadboard version.