Adventures with Arduino Part 31

More robot building:

Now that my first robot works,  all that does is move around the room and change direction at random,  My next project is to build a robot that can detect obstacles and move out of the way.

I found some instructions and a video link on youtube

With further details and code on

Not the you tube page also has a long list of links one of which is the link to the motor shield driver.


The video shows the wires inserted in the Arduino board and the motor shield on top, this is fine, however i did find the connection some what temperamental, Tom B suggested soldering pins to the motor shield, which I have done, I still need to insert the wires between the Arduino and motor board for the ping (hr-sr04) sensor but this is 2/4 connections and when I built this before the actual trig / echo connections were fine.

I will rebuild with the modifications and report back.