Adventures with Arduino Part 39


Spent the last few days researching and investigating Scratch 4 Arduino.  This is a modified version of Scratch designed to talk to the Arduino.

So far I have been looking at a 3 colour LED and creating a workshop / instruction sheet to get this working.  I am also looking at using 3 separate LEDs in order to create a traffic lights activity.  I am creating a workshop page for this.

The main idea behind this is not only can this be used as an activity for the Tech jam. But also I can hopefully go in to a classroom and give children / young people a engaging activity to do that also covers several aspects of the new curriculum.  . I am equally open to doing this in holiday clubs.  To this end I am trying to work out the overall cost of being able to take in fully set of kit, so that I am not expecting a school or other venue to have everything available.

So far I am looking at outputs,  my next step is to create a few more extension activities, then perhaps look in to how inputs can be integrated in to these projects such as with a switch.

I am happy to discuss further,  I am more used to working in Primary schools but am open to some secondary work, it just may take a while to generate the funds to buy the extra kit needed to run this with about 3 people or 6 if they double up.