Adventures with Arduino Part 4

Just an update on my first project with the Arduino Microcontroller.

Firstly I have sent for an acrylic plate,  this allows the arduino to be attached to the plate via metal standoffs,  and there is room for a breadboard, so it acts as a really portable development system. It also means projects can be moved around much easier.

Picture showing the arduino and a breadboard attached to the acrylic plate.  It also has some feet that can be stuck to the bottom to raise it from the worksurface.

I also spent today soldering resistors to the protoboard.

Top side,  some of the resistors moved otherwise I would have a nice neat row.

Showing underside of the above.  Next step is to solder either a 10 LED bar display to this OR solder 10 3mm leds,  I think the former may be neater however.

Once done this will be a 10 LED multi purpose project as there are several projects that can be built with 10 LEDs  and this can even be linked to the Raspberry Pi or other project boards.

Will post further updates soon.