Adventures with Arduino Part 40

Been doing more work with Scratch 4 Arduino.  See previous post for information.   Now that I have various LEDs working I have been looking at getting various sensors working.

I did try the DHT11 but I need to work out how to interpret the data in scratch as it sends both Temperature and Humidity data in binary. I switched over to a moisture sensor, (basically control board + small metal unit with 2 prongs.  This worked better.  So I know have an LED light up if the moisture level is above 600, then go off it falls below 600.   I am going to try and get hold of some LM38 temperature sensors and give them a go.

I have added this to my workshop planning so, hopefully I can go in to a school or holiday club and do some activities with children / young people.   If anyone in the TORBAY AREA is interested please get in touch.

As I am working in a school I am free all during the school holidays and over 1/2 term.

I will be at the Torbay Tech Jam on June 11th, and Exeter Pi jam on June 4th.