Adventures with Arduino Part 41


It has been a while since I posted an update on what I have been up to with the Arduino.   So decided to post today as I have just completed my latest project.

The Arduino handbook LCD project is a basic introduction to the 16×2 lcd display.  To build this you need to make quite a few connections.   The project requires about 7 different connections either between the various components.  As this needs doing each time you build the project I decided it would be a good idea to solder the project up using the Adafruit prototyping board.

You still make the same number of connections but when connecting to the arduino  you need 2 connections for +v and 0v  then the six for RS, Enable, the D4 to D7.   I have soldered pi headers on to make this process much easier.  On the to-do list now is to put stickers on the wires to indicate where the various wires go to.

In theory this will make adding an lcd display to a project much quicker.

This sort of thing could be very useful in a school, working with children / young people who may find this more challenging.  It is pretty simple to solder up,   I had to put the RW pin to gnd connection at an angle so I could then fit the pin header on properly.

I will bring this along to the next Tech jam on the 8th October.