Adventures with Arduino Part 43

Funduino Nano Expansion Board + ATmega328P Nano V3 Improved Version For Arduino

Supplier :

Cost : Around £4.12 (buy 5 and the cost is reduced to about £3.88

This a really useful development board for the Arduino.  Each of the 13 digital out puts and 8 analogue outputs have their own +v and Ground pin, making it much neater to attach sensors etc to the device.  The AREF pin also has it’s own +v and Ground pin.
The unit has it’s own +v in connected to a power regulator so adding a battery is easy.   Attaching the Nano is a simple case of inserting in to the socket header.  and this is far far easier then trying to get a Nano in to a Breadboard,  which I can describe as do-able but tedious and can easily cause damage to the device.  4 holes in the board allow it to be attached to the Banggood development plate that is designed to house a Uno + Breadboard.
For the price I paid I got this board plus an arduino Nano unit,  which is great value.
If you buy just this board with no Nano then the cost is 2.04 Product ID: 91852
You can buy 5 for £11.91 – Product ID: 970410
I think these are well worth the investment partly as once you have built a project as a prototype you can buy other boards that further reduce the component overhead,  for example the Nano IO Shield Product ID: 963967.
I have not fully started to explore this but I will be getting more as I have a few Nano’s around not doing much.   This unit can also serve as a test bed,  so if there is a suspected fault with a Nano,  it can be tested with this and removed if faulty.
This could be great for schools, hopefully I will be able to get in to a school soon,  and work with children to build project, and get paid (maybe vis Hays) so I can buy further units and support components.
I have lots of ideas just need people to work with on this
Product rating 5/5.
I will bring to the Tech Jam on the 10th December.