Adventures with Arduino Part 5


Moving on from my previous project to something far more adventurous then just having a led light bar.  Moved up to project 29 which introduces the LCD screen.

I built this in < 30 mins,  from the instructions. if you attach the LCD screen to a breadboard (thank you to Tom Brough for soldering the pins on to the LCD board)  like I have here make sure when you push the breadboard jump wires in next to the LCD pins they are lined up properly, as in you are connecting the right pins.   It is easy to mis-align them.

Anyway once built it scrolls a message on the screen as defined within the code.

The code has also been uploaded to my github repository, however I would suggest you copy directly from the website.

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Notes:  My 10k potentiometer does not seem to be working properly.  I had soldered this on to some 1/4 size protoboard with some pins,  the idea being it is easier to connect to the breadboard, which it is.  So this fault needs to be looked into.  I also soldered a 100k pot for other projects so I may just try that to rule in / out the 10k pot being faulty or badly soldered.

The next step up from this is to connect the HC-SR04 ultra-sonic module to the project and see if it is possible to make a distance measuring device.

Hopefully this will be up and running by the next Tech jam on the 8th August, or at least the Exeter Pi jam. So if you want to see it in action please come along


Errata:  OK it seems the 10k pot is working fine. Turns out I had connected the circuit the AREF pin not the ground pin, easy done as they are next to each other.   Highlights importance of checking things and if things are not right,  check over it again later.