AIY Kit part 1


A few years ago the Mag Pi (magazine) gave away a free Google Voice AIY kit.   At the time I had a 1x Raspberry Pi 3 and this was being used for other projects so the AIY kit just sat gathering dust.

Now that the South Devon Tech Jam has started,  there may be a chance to actually build this.

I have now written the SD card, however due to poorly written instructions not mentioning that I needed to use:

xz – d aiyprojects-2018-11-16.img

to extract the compressed file containing the image.  IRC came to the rescue again and I got the instructions I needed it was then a case of using

dd if=aiyprojects-2018-11-16.img of=/dev/sdb status=progress

where /dev/sdb was the device location of MY sdcard.

Should be ready to go on the 8th June,  Hopefully the card will boot properly when needed.