alias your commands

The alias command is one way to customize you system commands

man alias for more info

A recent good example I was given is related to recent posts

alias rpi=”ssh pi@raspberrypi’

this essentially allows you to type


and have the shell execute

ssh pi@raspberrypi

Which could clearly be time saver,

The .bash_aliases file (remember the period . denotes hidden files) is where you can define multiple aliases for your system

While you can put these definitions in to .bashrc, .bashrc generally looks in .bash_aliases first or seems to, and checks to see if .bash_aliases exists, if it does it reads that file, otherwise if anything is defined in .bashrc then that is read.

In general you will need to logout and log back in,   however if you start lxterminal, edit from there, save, exit the lxterminal session then it should work next time you start lxterminal.


lxterminal is applicable to the lxde window manager.



Further ideas

alias rpiX=”ssh -X pi@raspberrypi’ – will connect with X forwarding