Android x86


One of the young people at the Tech jam wants to install x86 Android on one of the netbooks.  I have tried to help with this and have decided to have another go but start off with installing on in a virtual machine.

Android can be downloaded from here.

The first step is to set up a virtual machine on Linux.

As you can see we need to install a package to get this working.  This can be done at the Linux command line.

As this then needs a restart.

Update 20/11/2017

Still having problems with the spice issue,  however I have managed to get round this by selecting VNC

This appears to at least get past the error and allow booting / install of Android to a virtual machine.


As of this update it won’t fully boot in to Android for some reason.

Update 11/12/2017

This project has now been abandoned, as it has failed too many times.  The conclusion is that the netbook hardware may not be fully compatible with Android x86.

We decided to swap the hard disk in the netbook with the hard disk in another netbook that has ChromeOS on so we now have a working Chromebook, rather than what is essentially a brick.

It would be nice to get this working,  so if anyone is out there,  who can help,  feel free to drop in to the Tech Jam at some point.