August 2017 updates


A few updates :


A write up for the August tech jam can be found here *.   It was a good jam,  a few new people and we also managed to help some other visitors too.   Physical computing activities going well as well as a useful talk on c++ by Phil Gardner.


My Raspberry Pi 3 is now running Debian 9 (Stretch). After the update scratch 2.0 is now working properly.  A few new packages come with the new Raspbian, including Thonny IDE (for python). Scratch 2.0 also has some extra blocks included for more GPIO and I think Sense Hat integration.


The next Tech jam is Saturday August 9th.   Plans are work in progress but can be found here *.  But we will have more c++,  more physical computing and perhaps some Python for beginners.  I also found the resources for MinecraftPi so will try and make those available to visitors.

*Link may break after the Tech jam moves over to a new website.