Booting into console mode

Booting into console mode

With most Linux systems you boot in to a Graphical desktop.  However there are times when you want to perhaps use a pure console.  While you can switch to a console with CTRL-ALT-Fn keys.  If you want to set your system so that it boots directly in to a console you can do so via the instructions at the site below. I have a spare netbook up to boot in to the console,  set up after some fiddling a network connection using some of the instructions here.

So to set the system to boot in to console I have followed the instructions below.

If you want to start a graphic interface from here you can type startx which has been in Linux for over 25 years and was probably in Unix before that.

This can be quite useful.  One of the things I am trying to do is see how much I can actually work at the console without loading up a GUI.

I generally use the joe text editor.  Which is small, compact and does mostly what I want.  I have however also set this to display line numbers.

I have however started to look at Emacs or more accurately GNU / Emacs as my main editor on the console.  While I learn this I have also set up LaTeX so I can type documents and using pdflatex can produce PDF files.

In my previous post I discussed how to make console fonts bigger so they are easier to read on a netbook screen or just generally.

To-do however

  • Set up printing using cups or similar
  • set up e-mail using either mutt or pine/alpine
  • Set up IRC
  • Maybe set up Links for web browsing
  • sc works really well as a spreadsheet, not that I really have a use for a spreadsheet.

If you are asking why I am doing this,  why not., it is a challenge and is something to do as a proof of concept, I am not too bothered about being at the command line 100 percent of the time.  Hence I made allowances for using startx just to get a GUI to perhaps fix a few things.