Today I installed the BrickPi disk image to a SD card and tested this in on of my Raspberry Pi’s it boots up fine and has lots of neat items on the desktop.  So looking forward to getting back in a school to experiment with this properly with a BrickPi.For those of you who don’t know what a BrickPi is. The  BrickPI is a plug in board for the RaspberryPi, which provides the I/O connections for Lego Mindstorms motors, sensors etc. So essentially replaces the NXT brick.  With this you can control lego mindstorms creations with Python, Scratch etc.


If you don’t know what a Raspberry Pi is!!  WHERE have you been for the past few years ???

I have been using some of the Mindstorms kit at Curledge Street Academy in Paignton as part of a hardware / coding group.  Right at the end of the Summer term we managed to get a normal Mindstorms robot working with the software supplied.   So hopefully we can now carry on and use the Mindstorms kit with the BrickPi.  The mistake I made before was trying to modify the sd card OS manually,  it would have been easier to just download the image and dd that to the sd card.
Next job is to collect one of the other SD Cards from the school and dd the image to a 2nd card (as we have 2 BrickPi’s) and then perhaps re image the other cards with the newest Raspbian,  git clone my compgroup repository and from that I can install WiringPi, and return to basics.  from a few self made shell scripts.