Busy week ahead

Looks like its a busy week ahead,  back to work tomorrow at the after school club so a chance for a last minute push to promote Saturdays Pi jam.   I am also waiting for some more goodies to arrive mainly a breadboard to go with my power module and jumper leads.   Also a DVD of Jack the Giant Slayer.

Rugby on Tuesday / Thursday evening, weather permitting of course,  I think QP is going to be pretty wet this week, given the rain we keep getting.

Wednesday sees the return of the computer group at Parkfield.

Friday is the Exeter lug meet and then on Saturday the main event the 2nd Torbay Raspberry Pi jam.  Oh and Sunday back to American football, again weather permitting as I guess the pitch is going to be under water or very waterlogged,  still could be worse, could be in the US and under several feet of snow.

On the subject of Football,  NFL post season with first post season round out of the way its time for Payton Manning to step up and get to the conference champion ship game as Denver had a bye for the previous round.   Metlife stadium here we come.  I think it would have been nice to have the Superbowl at Candlestick park, as a fitting end to an era of hosting the 49ers,  before they move to their new home (where ever that is).

Had a look at Fritzing last night and also had a look at the pi moroni website they have printed circuit boards laid out like breadboards so the idea being that projects can be moved directly from a breadboard to that,  and soldered up, could be ideal for what i want to do,  a bit more expensive than strip board BUT in terms of being less messing around cutting tracks etc may be better longer term.

Once I have the breadboard I may get a review of the power module up and then later on a review of Fritzing.