BYOD – Why our education system is outdated.


Following on from previous post, which had a video from Seth Godin.  This video again looks at how the US education system is based on old models of thinking.

I agree with what is presented here,  we need a system that gets people thinking and solving problems that exist now so people are ready for the future,  develop skills that will be useful for the future.  Being able to remember facts is not going to hack it in the future.

Why do we need to go and do a course in college,  pay over the odds for something we can learn online. Websites such as Kahn Academy, Code academy, Edx, Coursera offer education from world leading educators.

Lets change education for the better.

The idea they are suggesting where students present their work to friends and strangers and are judged on that is great,  and just like the real world where projects and work are peer reviewed for example.