Code Club 07/12/2019 Write up

Code Club 07/12/2019 Write up
This week was again busy. I tried to set up a ubuntu server on the PC donated by Lucy to the tech jam. The idea being that this would also be a good learning opportunity. For some reason the computer didn’t seem to like the Library LAN so I have therefore postphoned this till later in the week.

We did welcome a new attendee, who knew 2 of our existing attendees so they spent some time catching up. We also undertook more development in Scratch and HTML / CSS which was good.. I also started to introduce attendees to Rocks and diamonds which while not strictly development this does have a create a level feature which is useful to learning about objects, sprites and other features found in games. The fact you have to design any level carefully so that it can actually be completed etc.

This was one of the reasons I had this installed when the computer suite was upgraded over the summer.

More on this on the 21st hopefully. I will also look in to installing this on
the netbooks.

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Next Code Club 21/12/2019
Then we are back after Christmas on 4/1/2020