Code Club 1/12/2018


Code club is back this Saturday 1/12/2018.

I have created a CodeClubPaignton Studio,  so that some of the scratch activities that require custom resources that are not included with scratch can be accessed easily and worked on.

Most of the activities can be completed using the graphics, sounds and backgrounds provided with Scratch.


I have now printed resources for :

  • Python Module 1
  • HTML / CSS module 1
  • Getting started with Raspberry Pi
  • Sense Hat module

By the next session I should also have a Netbook running with Sonic Pi.  Resources are printed, so it should be a case of set up and go.  Lets add Sonic Pi / Ruby to the list of activities.

We may even have some Code Club stickers for next time too.


UPDATE 29/11/2018

Picked up the code club resources I printed at the previous session on 17/11/2018.  I have now sorted these in to folders, and placed a cover sheet on (basically a front cover,  with a module title and list of which activities are within) in side the folder.   I will hopefully drop these back at the library on Friday(30/11/2018) ready for the session on Saturday.

Also spent time today creating some more scratch accounts.  I would rather have  too many than too few.  Hopefully most people will have their own accounts anyway.