Code Club 16/11/2019 – Write up

Code Club 16/11/2019

This week we were back up to 8 attendees, so Code Club was quite busy. Lots of learning but more importantly socializing between the young people attending.

So lots of Scratch and HTML CSS using as we have both printed and online
resources to help us with that.

As Code Club also has access to some Lego Mindstorms we tried to have a go with that using the and Brick Pi using the Raspberry Pi. The test program still seems to work. I need to find some more batteries and other parts for the next Code Club. If there are any Young people out there aged 8-13 then please feel free to come to code club to help with this, expertise in this
is very welcome.

If you are interested in attending please get in touch with Paignton Library via the Torbay Libraries website.

Next Code Club is Saturday 30th November 2019
then on Saturday 7/12/2019