Code Club 17/8/2019 – Write up

Code Club 17/8/2019 – Write up

Another successful code club today. Going in to the library on Friday and sorting through all the resources really paid off, as they are now tidier and more organized.  We had a new young person joining us, who also attended last weekends Tech Jam   Nice to see people getting collaborating really well together.  For me this is just as important as undertaking coding or other activities.  I spent time with his dad too who completed his first Scratch project,

It is great to have parent / guardians involved and taking an interest. This helps gives parents more confidence to encourage and support children and young people.

I am running a taster session on Friday 30th August. Hopefully this will result in more attendees. This session looks to be filling up fast. So may I have to run a few more sessions, perhaps after school.     Perhaps over time more code clubs in schools will start up.

If enough adults are interested in running a code club then Caroline Vaan-Canning , who is the South West Regional Coordinator, is happy to come down and run training and or information sessions.  Please create an account at and then register interest as a volunteer. This puts you on the system but also tells possible hosts there are volunteers available.,

Stating to look really positive,  hopefully all this dedication and work will lead to paid employment,

Next code club is an EXTRA session on the 31st August.  Then the week after September 7th we are back to the First Saturday Session.

Torbay Libraries now has a new website at please get in touch with the library for more information on Code Club,  taster sessions etc.