Code Club 2/3/2019


Today was quiet.  Two regulars along with two new members. This actually worked out well as I could spend a little time getting them started.

I have found something out too.

Going to has a link to the new Scratch 3.0 projects at

However is still up as a website and links to the older Scratch 2.0 projects.

Something to consider.  The scratch 3.0 projects are pretty much set up for web viewing. This is fine with bigger and wide screens,  It seems that Paignton Library only has 14 or perhaps 15″ monitors.  Which could make viewing side by side that little bit more tricky.

Note : For next time I will try and use the projector and white board to display the activity being worked on and take it from there.

We may also have 2 more volunteers which will really help as they are brining in their specialist areas of expertise.  So when people want to move from Scratch to text based languages or even HTML activities we will be in a better position to do so.

The only thing that is now going to be a problem is space and computers,  hopefully one of the computers will be fixed ASAP so it can be used.  We need it.

Thank you to everyone who turned up and Paignton Library for hosting,  See you on the 16th.