Code Club 25th May 2019 writeup

Code Club 25th May 2019 writeup

Paignton Code Club is going really well.  We are undertaking a range of individual projects which is really helping to develop computational thinking skills.


Scratch Mario Game.

scratch mario 2

We are also starting to look at Animation using Flash and hopefully will lead to learning some Action Script. As well as basic websites with HTML.  Also attendees looking at Javascript.


I have also installed Tupi  2D Magic on one of my Pi’s. Partly as a back up plan for 2d animation.  Another (free option) to create 2D animations.

This works quite well on the Model B+, so something to setup for next time.    I also spent time helping with various Scratch questions,  and working on how to do things myself, rather than risking messing up attendees work.  This doesn’t impact on what they are doing either.   We can ask each other for help.

With this I was just working out which option keeps a sprite the right way up when hitting the edge screen and bouncing.

We are now working on a good range of skills and projects, hopefully this will really help move attendees on, Scratch is great to start off with but you do hit limitations, at which point you can start to experiment with other options.

The next code club isn’t until 15th June.  However everyone is hopefully coming to the Tech jam on the 8th June.

In the meantime Enjoy the Tor bay Airshow.