Code Club 3/11/2018 – Write up


This week we were back to the regular 5 attendees plus one more.  Numbers are going up, slowly.  The new member started off with the ‘boat race’ activity, and after a little work, and re-learning how to use the backpack feature,  we got the right graphics, background and sprites in to the account being used.  (see below) I tapped in to the help and experience of the other attendees for some of this.

Project got completed and we added some extra features, for example rather then moving round the maze each time, to the island, I set up a small script so that when space is pressed the boat would move to the top but above the island,  this allowed for testing of just the boat touching the island code.  But this wasn’t needed once we new that had been fixed.

The extension to this activity was also completed by adding a timer.

I also made good use of the white board and pulled up the pdf of the project.  So this could complement the printed worksheets.

Everyone else was working on their own projects.

One thing that came out of the session, was the possible need to help parent / guardians understand more about scratch etc (or what we are doing in general).  This is something I really want to look in to, as children can then be better supported if family members can give help and encouragement.

Well done to everyone and look forward to seeing you on 17/11/2018,


The backpack feature is really useful,   you:-

Need an account with scratch

There is a tutorial in the references below which I found after I tried to write instructions in this post, so deleted my text and just decided to link to the tutorial.


Code club boat race project.

Backpack tutorial


I was asked about running Scratch on IPads,  You can do this using Scratch Junior ScratchJr.