Code Club 3/8/2019 Write Up

Code Club 3/8/2019 Write Up

Code Club update:

Activities: Mostly working on existing projects which is Pacman and Space Invaders in Scratch 3.  This is nearly complete so it is also a case of fine tuning, bug fixing and adding extra features such as in the case of PacMan more ghosts.

We also had a look at a pin board and starting to put a few items up on that to help promote Code Club

Once we have access to Love2d and Tiled we should hopefully be able to start looking at game creation using Love2d.

Computer IT update:

As part of the Library IT Suite, this is being updated to Windows 10 and at my request,  I spent part of Friday installing the following

  • Scratch 3 Desktop (we still have access to the web version)
  • Sonic PI
  • Blender
  • Audacity
  • Tiled (2d game sprite / background software)
  • Love 2d (2d game engine)
  • Tupi (2d animation)
  • Inkscape (vector editor)

We still have access to FireFox, Edge (Formerly IE) and Chrome Browser.   Which is also great for testing websites.

Next week is the South Devon Tech Jam and the next Code Club will be Saturday 17th August 2019. In the meantime happy coding.