Code Club 30/11/2019 – Write up

Code Club 30/11/2019 – Write up

Another busy Club.  This week the YP were mostly playing an online multiplayer car game, which while not actually programming does help develop social skills.  I am pretty relaxed over activities as most of the attendees are older and get on really nicely with each other.    Some homework was completed and I helped with a problem with how to get a player back to their start or home position in Minecraft.

I also tried to install Minetest on a netbook but am not sure if there is too little RAM for this,  need to investigate further.   I am used to my own netbook with 2GB ram so need to allow for these only having 1GB when looking at how well or fast games run.

Some more work was undertaken using on a website on E-safety for programmers.  This is more work in progress and also a learning process, so don’t expect anything spectacular any time soon.

Next jam is Saturday 7th December.  Hopefully I can get a Ubuntu server up and running which will be used at the next Tech Jam on the 14th as a Minecraft server.    Could be a good learning opportunity for the young people attending Code Club and the Tech jam.

For more details on Code Club please contact Paignton Library and information Centre.