Code Club 5/1/2019 write up


First session of 2019.  So we are now up to 8 attendees with 3 three new attendees today, so a great start to 2019.    Using scratch 3 went without any major problems.   The children also like some of the new features such as Text to Speech.

So positive start to the new year.  My decision to print off python activities has also paid off.   So looking forward to helping with both Scratch and Python.  We may have a 2nd volunteer who can help with HTML / CSS.

I will work on getting Educator status from Trinket and also look at getting the classroom account(s) too. This will be really useful as we move forward.

Still hoping that this volunteer work will pay off. Gaining paid employment will help cover any expenses and help me invest in CPD via FutureLearn courses.  So if working within education, this will benefit both CodeClub and employers.

Next Code Club Saturday 19th January 2019