Code Club 6/4/2019 : Write up

Another successful tech jam.   We had about 3 children, probably due to it being the start of the Easter Holidays.   Progress has now been made with the platform game being worked on, as well as other projects.   It is all one big learning experience.

We now have a parent joining us as a volunteer. We spent part of the session, while the children were coding trying to work out which of the computers actually picked a USB flash disk after it was inserted.  Some of the PCs do, others don’t  which is just frustrating.  I know have some information on the situation, so intend to try and write a report on this to feed back to the Library services.

The aim of this is to work which of the PC’s we can use with the micro:bits, which we now have.  This will allow more activities.  We now have far more materials too, as we have the folder from the previous leader whom I was helping. I spent some time before the session started sorting that out.  Activities are now in different folders.

Slowly starting to get all the resources organized properly.

The next code club is on 20/4/2019 so see you there.  Have a good easter.