Code Club Saturday 25th May 2019


Due to the Torbay Airshow falling on the 1st and 2nd June.  As per recent updates the next code club is on Saturday 25th May 2019 at Paignton Library. More Scratch, Python and coding.

More basic info on our Code Club page.

Link to the Code Club Projects page.

Scratch Website

On the 18th we discussed about what the attendees wanted to do and learn. This week Ryan will be bringing along some software to help with 2d animation.

I have updated a pi to bring in to Code Club.  I have installed tupi

Which can be used for basic 2d animations.  Not sure how well it will run on a B+ raspberry Pi though.  I would use my Raspberry Pi 3, but this is earmarked for another project within the South Devon Tech Jam.   Lets see how it goes once a decent mouse is plugged in.

All the usual learning materials will be available.