Computing Section added

I have added a computing section to my website, I am going to try and go through previous posts and link what I have done to sections of the ks1 and ks2 computing curriculum and maybe ks3/4/

I have numbered the sections ks1 :1  ks1:2 etc for ks1 and each of the bullet points in the curriculum.  So will try and put these references in to my blog posts.  In time I will try and do the same for ks3 and 4.

I am hoping a few local teachers (BIG HINT) will look at this, look beyond the fact I am a play worker and am actually quite good on computers. I could actually be an ASSET to a school with regard to the new IT computing curriculum (and other areas). and may even offer me some sort of paid employment helping with this stuff in schools.  I am putting a lot of work in to this so hope it will actually pay off at some point.

I want to develop what I am doing,  I want to do this in a school as this is the best place to develop resources as in a school I can get help / input from teachers / pupils the very people who may try and use them.