Connect Libreoffice to Disroot

As I am using Disroot for some cloud storage I found a link to on Friendica.  As this supports saving to cloud based services such as Nextcloud I decided to investigate how this could be done in Libreoffice.

Note I am using Libreoffice 6 under Debian 10

These instructions are meant as a very rough guide, please READ THE DOCS for your specific circumstances.

Libreoffice can save to remote file storage.

Firstly you need to set up both Open AND Save

The settings are the same for both.

Click File and goto Open Remote

From here you can add remote services

Click Add service

Clicking help you should get the local docs that help you set up your remote WebDav storage

In my case (file:///usr/share/libreoffice/help/en-GB/text/shared/guide/cmis-remote-files-setup.html?&DbPAR=SHARED&System=UNIX)  (note this is MY local help file, so please don’t copy / paste that in to your browser as it won’t work)

The following can be found under:

Setting up a remote file service connection:

Connecting to a WebDAV server (

In the File Services dialogue box, set:

  • Type: WebDAV

  • Host: the server URL, usually in the form

  • Port: port number (usually 80)

  • Select Secure Connection checkbox to access the service through https protocol and port 443

  • Label: give a name for this connection. This name will show in the Service listbox of the Open or Save remote files dialogue box.

  • Root: enter the path to the root URL of your account.

So the settings I used (I have removed my username)

label : your label
root : /remote.php/dav/files/username/

use secure connection port 443

If everything works properly you get a list of files.

Now do the same for remote save.

If you now exit, and reload libreoffice when you select either remote open / save you get asked for your username and passoword

So go ahead and enter the appropriate credentials and press OK.

This worked for me,  as I said earlier it is a rough guide.

I can also be contacted on if you want to ask further questions.  Please discuss in public forums so that others can help, contribute to any advice given.