CPD Update 2018 – Part 3


Just a quick update as to recent CPD courses undertaken, since my last update around February.


Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

With FutureLearn and obtained formal certificates for all 3 courses completed so far £32 each or £96 in total.  I also completed the Grow your career course.   With OpenLearn (Open University) I have so far completed and obtained a Statement of Participation for.

Facilitating group discussions and Encouraging Book talk in the school library.  Both of which are unrelated but the skills / ideas picked up could be useful.  For example more ideas on how to lead discussions on books, and the ideas on dealing with people are always useful.

As always my Training and Education page is fully up to date and also mirrored in my LinkedIn (see link at top of page) profile as much as possible.

I have identified a good few more OpenLearn Courses to complete,  some are directly career related others are not so, but even those for personal interest may be provide useful materials for schools.  I intend to also complete the 4 hour Teaching Assistant course at some point.  However it would be useful to be in paid employment in schools so this can be linked directly to the job.

Either way I cannot be accused of not :

  • Being able to identify learning needs.
  • Addressing these learning needs
  • Being committed to CPD for job related skills (Health and Safety,  child protection,  Prevent awareness and Food Hygiene among others are CORE skills which I now possess and am keeping up to date)
  • Being committed to learning and trying to improve my own skills,  knowledge and identify courses that are not only for personal interest but may have a wider advantage to being undertaken.
  • Able to try and see how some courses can be used in a different context,  so the Encouraging book talk is a good example, combined with Facilitating group discussions can be combined,  but the latter has useful classroom strategies when trying to get someone who is not engaging to engage with the lesson or work undertaken.

I am open to ideas, advice and work offers in the Torbay Area.