Data Recovery

I spent the last week or so working on Data recovery.   The story started before xmas when I accidentally deleted a partition on my external hard disk.  The first rule of doing this is NEVER write to that device,  as this can hinder any chance of getting the data back.   So as I got a bigger external hard disk for xmas, I set to work using free software to recover the data.   I had deleted the partition so the data was still there,  just that the OS could not see it.  I am not an expert in how file systems.  I know however that with fat,16 when you delete a file it just removes the reference to it from the File Allocation Table, (FAT)  so in dos there was a recovery tool.  Here I am using GNU / Linux to recover data from a FAT32 partition with some sort of hidden NTFS partition.   (well according to the recovery system that is there)

The important thing was that I got the data back and may patiences in doing this paid off.

So this is another skill to add to my list of skills, learnt by being self taught,   Not that I would choose to be doing this on a regular basis and it does take HOURS.