Debian 10 updated

Debian 10 updated

I have successfully updated my main desktop to Debian 10.  This seemed to go well and I am now running a nicely updated system.  I  also updated my netbook, but it lost power part the way through,  this resulted in a system that booted then ended up with a flashing screen.

I fixed this by asking for some advice on IRC, then rebooting in to rescue mode and typing

dpkg –reconfigure -a at the root prompt,  then running apt update and then apt upgrade so after a initial panic everything seems to be fine. lsb_release -a results give Buster as the installed OS.

Please note that if you have issues you should ASK for help and NOT follow what I have done here,  solutions are different for everyone.  This post is not intended to give advice.

So far the installs are working well.