Debian : Getting Started – 2


Following on from my previous post on helping with Debian  This short piece covers how to obtain Debian.  I am going to download the non-free (built in support for non-free hard / firmware).  But feel free to download the version that is pure Debian.

The first thing you need to do is locate and download the ISO file you need.  In this case it can be found at

This has different versions  I am going to download the lxde desktop version.   Once located,  right clicking on the link you can copy link location.


However when you read this a later version may be available.

In a terminal you can use:

wget -c

You can paste in the link location to make this easier.

It will start the download process.

Once complete you also need to download the MD5SUM file from the place as you downloaded the ISO, this  single file has all the MD5sum checksums for all the ISO files.  Once downloaded you use

md5sum -c MD5SUMS

The process may take a while, remember it needs to work through the list.  As you have not downloaded all the ISO files it will eventually get to the one you did and check that,  then carry on.   It should return OK.

Once done you can (if you want) write this to flash memory.  However please use what ever method you prefer for this, and if you don’t know what you are doing,  ASK.  I accept no responsibility or Liability for Data loss at this stage of things.

You can find a Debian guide for this here.  Read and ASK on the Debian users list (covered in previous post)  if you need help.

debian write

Once you have a working flash disk you can start testing,  as it should run as a live disk,   You may want to install to a spare computer to test further.

Good luck and have fun.


Note : As suggested the Live version allows you to boot in to a live system and test out before installing,  you can install via the Calamares installer on the desktop OR reboot the system and choose the graphical installer from the boot menu.

The ISO firmware-buster-DI-rc1-amd64-DVD-1.iso works equally well as this has just the installer.

As I am NOT AN EXPERT please ask on the Debian-users list for advice if you are in anyway unsure.