Debian Jessie install 2

This continues on from my previous Jessie install post.


So further to my previous post I now have a nice working owncloud server and also a 2nd that is running on a intel core duo.

I decided to try and install debian on my netbook again.   My previous attempt at this failed due to the firmware for the broadcom wireless adapter.

During bootup there was an error message which leads to this page

as this seems to come up far to quickly to actually read let alone write down.  I executed

dmesg grep | wireless

This then links to another page with the solution for getting the right firmware for the broadcom adapter

Once this is all set up,  it is a good idea to install.  software that helps you configure the wireless, especially if you have opted for a very minimal install.

sudo apt-get install wicd

this will allow you to configure the wireless network connection etc.

During the install of my netbook, after setting things to boot into the console my gui seemed to be stuck on gnome3,   this is fine for most people and maybe for newer hardware,  but overkill on my netbook.  I decided to try and set the default desktop environment to lxde.

After much asking and attempting the editing of various configuration files this was suggested on IRC #debian channel

configure window managers on debian 8

So once this was done, I had nice new and fresh Debian 8 install.

I now wanted to restore my settings for e-mail and web browser (restore means you also get back saved passwords, book marks etc)

Due to the free software nature of debian, they DO NOT include Thunderbird (email) and Firefox (web browser) as such,  they include free varients, basically they are the same but minus various non free components.

Thunderbird – Icedove .thunderbird

Firefox – Web browser .mozilla

Both of these still have the same hidden configuration folders.

So assuming these folders are backed up you need to:-

For firefox simply copy back over the .mozilla folder replacing the new one for your new install

for thunderbird it seems you need to

open .thunderbird in your back up folder and copy contents to the new folder that is created for the icedove installation, It took me 2 attempts as I just tried to copy .thunderbird over the first time.

When you open the above two applications you should find your settings restored, it will probably ask you to confirm a few things for the browser if you want certain plugins enabled.

I am sure doing this is documented properly somewhere so I would STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU GOOGLE OR ASK for help and follow instructions there.

I think there are probably a few more bits I need to do,  but if there is anything big I will add to a new post.

Hope all this helps