Debian Jessie: Owncloud Part 1


Now that I have a working Debian box.   I want to do something useful with this.  I have decided to have a go at  setting it up as a Owncloud box for file storage.

My original intention was to use Ubuntu 14.04 server using the instructions on the How_To forge page.  However if you read my Jessie blog post you will know the Ubuntu install failed.  I am therefore going to try and adapt for Jessie.

The first step I took is to note down the address of the server.   I am not disclosing that here for security reasons.

The next step is to ssh in  and use su to create a root shell

The next step now involves following the steps on the how to forge site.   I will make or try and make notes below on how I get on with each of these.

3) Get Owncloud

Get release key – This seemed to work fine

Add Owncloud repository :  This also seemed to work fine, I edited the line as I am running in a root shell so removed the sudo command from the start.

Update and install :  Again this step seemed to work well.

4) Configure Owncloud

As MySQL was installed I am using this for now,  but have noted that the instructions use mariaDB.  All this seemed to work fine.

finally going to http:/ipofserver/owncloud

Gives me a working (or start of) owncloud server set up.

The next steps to set things up further also went fine.  If you follow the instructions on the website you should be fine too.

I skipped the desktop client section for this,  by closing the client popup window.  I then created another  user account (non admin) for myself.

Now to set up mounting, which I will do later and comment in a new post.