Debian Jessie: Owncloud Part 4


Parts 2 and 3 of this series seem to be in limbo until I figure out what the issues are.  However I have now solved another issue.

With the server PC,  I have on-board graphics and an AGP slot with a graphics card in.  This AGP card was enabled for the install.  I found that the system would not boot if the monitor was connected to the AGP card output.  After some research, I found that you need to connect the monitor to the on-board graphics out (or at least this is a fix to a similar question on the issue).

So I re-connected the monitor and entered the BIOS and set the primary graphics to PCI (on-board) and then tried again.  A bit of cable swapping later and I can now or should be able to boot the server without the monitor being connected.  Importantly I can also login via ssh and shut down the system again fully headless.