Debian Promotion

Debian Promotion

In an effort to help promote the Debian Operating system, I had a look for some suitable presentations.  It seems, that the last one produced was back in 2013, others are not in English. which is understandable as Debian has a world wide development community.

I decided to create my own.  Started with Libreoffice-Impress  presentation software. This for some stupid reason insists on converting any typed web address to a click-able URL.  Not want I want, so between this and a few other annoyances, I gave up and switched to something more sensible and user friendly.

Bring in LaTeX, Beamer presentation package and Overleaf.

I Found an example LaTeX templates, so used that as a starting point. This actually has quite a few options to change the look and feel (simple case of commenting the theme I want in) of the document.

I now have a multi page presentation (and yes it is called a presentation NOT a Powerpoint.) with tables, lists etc.  With LaTeX if I want a url I can use the hyperref package then use /url{} and customize how different types of links will look.

I have aimed this at people who want to promote Buster,  as this will very soon be the current stable release, so may as well be right up to date with it from the start.

I am now looking to getting some help as to who to contact to submit this and to get some help with adding appropriate information to the presentation.

With LaTeX, there is always something new to learn.   It is a very powerful piece of software and being that it uses plain text, means that all documents can be shared easily with others.

Update : 15/4/2019 – Work in progress pushed to github.