December 2017 Tech Jam Writeup

## December 2017 write up.

This month was another successful tech jam, with lots going on.

The Physical computing section was set up early with Pi’s, monitors etc, along with some extra monitors for use by visitors. This area has become pretty much self sufficient.

This month,  we again had our switch setup, so each Pi / workstation can get easy wired access to the Internet which is great for getting work online.

We also had 2.times do come down and Ian brought their 3d printer. This proved popular and two visitors left with a small 3d printed project.

They also brought down 2x Arduino robots and we installed the software and required code files on one of the netbooks.

We had a Modified Nintendo Wii, that can play retro console games.

Michael brought along his Raspberry Pi based Tablet project.

This is a work in progress, using a Raspberry Pi, screen driver and a large touch screen.

Fixing / building / Upgrading computers is another aspect of the jam.

This seemed to go well.

We also had discussions around the ttj e-mail system and other infrastructure issues.

I also helped with a project we started months ago, Originally this was  installing Android onto a netbook, this failed, despite numerous attempts.  As we also have a netbook installed with ChromeOS,  with some help from Harley and Samadi we swapped over the hard disks so the netbook had Chrome OS on.

Samadi also fixed my broken netbook keyboard by re-attaching the a key to the keyboard, this may sound simple but it is fiddly.

I also went out and bought some biscuits for the jam attendees, and these went down well. I als shared them with the Sound communities group in room 13. Poundland sell a box of 72 for £2. So as this was 2 packs.  So we should have the 2nd pack for January.